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What type of rhinestones do you carry?

Our rhinestones are high quality crystal glass stones.  We carry both hotfix and foil back rhinestones.  Our manufacturer supplies many jewelry and clothing companies with stones.  We are happy to send samples to look at and compare our quality.  We have had many customers who previously used other brands of stones and are pleased with the quality and especially the price that they have come back for more!

What brand of stones do you offer?

Our stones are our own private label brand. We have them made in China using similar manufacturing methods as Austrian crystals. They are lead crystal machine cut stones. We are able to save great amounts of money using these stones rather than the more expensive brand names. We find that on a stage under the bright lights there is no perceivable difference. We have had many customers who have switched to our brand and they have reordered because they are so happy with the quality and the price. They are actual lead crystal which will sparkle under bright stage lights. Some stones offered on the internet are only glass and not crystal like ours.

Our manufacturers supply stones to jewelry and clothing manufacturers all over the world. My daughter dances and we now use these stones exclusively on her costumes. She receives the same compliments about her costumes as other kids at her studio whose mothers' use Austrian crystals. Dance is expensive enough...we feel you do not have to spend more money on stones than you have to.

How do you offer such great prices?

Since we work directly with the factory we are able to cut out many of the additional costs that rhinestone distributors have.   

How many stones are in a pack?

We sell several different sized packs. For 16ss and 20ss stones we sell 1 gross (144 stones) and 10 gross (1440 stones) packs. For 30ss packs we only sell them in 2 gross (288 stones) packs.

Do you offer a sample color chart?

We do have a color chart that shows samples of most of the colors we offer.  If requested, we will send a color chart free of charge with orders of 100 gross or more.  You can also order a color chart for $20.  To order click here.

Do you offer other stone sizes or colors that are not on the website?

Since we work directly with the factory we are able to source many colors and sizes.  If you are interested in a size or color that is not on the website please call or email us (artsi@gymbear.com or 401-954-1604)

When will my rhinestones ship?

In stock stones usually ship one to two business days after payment is received.  If there are items that are out of stock it takes us approximately two weeks to receive these items from the factory and then ship them to you. We usually do not partial ship orders, instead we ship all orders complete once we have the out of stock items. If you have a deadline please call us at 401-954-1604 or email us at artsi@gymbear.com when you place the order and we will work with you to get your stones in time.

How is my order shipped?

All orders are shipped USPS.  Shipping includes delivery confirmation and insurance for orders over $500.  Artsi Stones is not responsible for any lost or damaged shipments.

What are the ARTSI stones sales policies?

We believe in our customer service and make all efforts to make sure you get what you want.  But all sales are final; there are no refunds or exchanges.  Rhinestone colors may vary due to different dye lots so we cannot offer refunds for stones that are a shade off. If you are unsure of a color, please call or email to request a sample.

Why is there dust on the inside of my bag of AB stones?

The AB effect is made by applying a powder coating to the outside of the crystal stone. During shipping the stones can rub together and create a fine dust. This is the dust what you see on the inside of the bag.





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